Mindful Journalling

Journalling is a really great way to process your thoughts mindfully in a private space. You don’t need much to get started other than a notebook and a pen.


Whilst you can use any notebook and pen for Journalling, being mindful about choosing your tools is a good starting point on your mindfulness journey. Here are some things to consider when choosing your Journalling tools:

  • What’s on the cover? Is it an image or a pattern? Hardcover or softcover? What type of material or texture is the cover?
  • Is there an index page and a marker? Is the paper smooth or textured? Do you prefer lines, dots or a grid?
  • What type of pen will you use? Smooth or firm? Fine or broad? What colour ink will you use?

It sounds like a lot to consider, but when you really invest time in Journalling, it’s worth using equipment you’ll enjoy too. And that doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be a financial investment either!

Take some time out of your day for mindful journalling. Getting started doesn’t have to be daunting following the simple tips below.​
Take some time out of your day for mindful journalling. Getting started doesn’t have to be daunting following the simple tips below.

Getting Started

You’ve got your tools, and your notebook is your new best friend. Now what? The blank pages of a new notebook can feel daunting, but as is key to mindfulness practice; there is no right or wrong way!

The idea of mindful Journalling is to focus on specific aspects that will bring positivity into your life. Whilst a ‘Dear Diary..’ approach can be useful, we can end up ruminating over past thoughts and experiences and feeding our anxieties

Mindful Prompts

Gratitude is a really great way of getting into mindful journalling and developing a daily practice. To begin, you could write down 3 or 5 things that you are grateful for that day. Be specific, and really hone in on what it is you’re grateful for! Here’s an example:

  • I am grateful for my colleague who offered me reassurance today during some training.
  • I am grateful for having a fresh, hot coffee this morning.
  • I am grateful for being able to go to the shops early whilst it was quiet.
  • I am grateful for having time for a relaxing face mask this evening.
  • I am grateful for my favourite plant unfurling new leaves in the evening sunshine.

You might find it challenging at first to think of 5 specific things. But over time this will build and suddenly you’ll find that you’re reflecting on nearly 150 things to be grateful for each month! That’s nearly 1700 things to be grateful for each year!

Continuing Your Practice

So what next? It may be that you want to start adding more reflections to your daily practice. The following prompts can be used daily, and are designed to be used in the evening but these can always be adapted to morning. They’re intended to help you to reflect on the day as it closes and the coming day, in a way that allows you to live intentionally and be mindful of your own experiences.

  • What went well today?
  • What did I find challenging today?
  • What will I do differently tomorrow?
  • What do I feel worried about?
Over to you! Let me know in the comments which prompts you’ve been using and your favourite tools.

Happy journalling!

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